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Free Stuff

No, really. Free.

I recently joined two online programs where I earn stuff just for being a member.

#1 – Recyclebank


In addition to curbside garbage pickup, we also have curbside recycling. When I joined Recyclebank, the waste company began weighing my recycle bin and issuing me credits for the weight of products inside. Those points have racked up at the Recyclebank website and I can use them for all sorts of free stuff. I can get giftcards, really good coupons, and tons of free stuff sent to me just because I recycle! It’s fantastic! Click through one of my Recyclebank links to see if this program is available in your area, too (I’ll get some additional points just for referring you, so be sure to use one of those links).

#2 – SwagBucks


SwagBucks is one of those things I’ve seen online for a while and always put off joining. I’m not sure why. Instead of using the Google toolbar, I just put at SwagBucks toolbar at the top of my Firefox page and everytime I do a search I’m eligible to earn points. Some of the prizes include store and restaurant gift cards as well as clothing, toys and much more. You can even get Pay Pal cash! It is FREE to sign up and very easy to use! You can either search from their SwagBucks page, or download the toolbar and search from there. Each search has the potential to win SwagBucks. You can also get SwagBucks by reading the SwagBucks site on their blog, on their Twitter page, or on their Facebook page. Every Friday they give away more SwagBucks, so your chances of winning are increased. Every time you search you have the chance to win 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 or 100 bucks.

There you have it. Two easy ways to earn stuff just for being online and recycling – things we do every day anyway!