Flashback: Jim’s 30th Birthday Party

On Feb 28, my “little” brother turned 30. I’ve been to SC quite a few times in the last year to hang out with my brother, and it was exciting to celebrate his 30th birthday. Mom and I decided before Christmas that we’d plan a surprise party for him, and we had a great time getting ready for it.


Of course, I managed to get absolutely zero photos of the whole family together – I cannot stress how quickly time passes when we’re together, and when Mom and I are secretly setting up a party it’s no different. In fact, she and I cleaned his house, decorated it (I brought a bunch of frames with photos I’d done of him and Kathryn over the years), and got all the food set up while Jim worked with Bronce and Dad to empty a huge storage unit. They made maybe four trips to the house at which point we’d pretend nothing suspicious was going on. At the last minute Jim spied some food I forgot to stash before he came in the kitchen and I think he was clued in to something going on, but it was literally minutes before people began arriving so it wasn’t a huge deal.

All in all we had about 30 people who came and hung out with us well into the evening. I really enjoyed meeting friends of his that I’d been hearing about for so long.

Mom and I thought it would be fun to get the girls matching outfits. They both had the same jacket and skirt, but different color t-shirts. I found out from Kathryn’s daycare leader (who is a friend of Jim’s and in a Bible study he leads) that for months Kathryn would talk about her sister, Eleanor. This would confuse them at daycare until finally they realized she was talking about her cousin, Eleanor. So cute… Sister Cheese and Baby Cheese, two good friends.



Bronce and Eleanor


Some pictures from the party, of folks hanging out. We had a great time!








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