Eleanor is 13 months!

{Actually, today she’s 14 months. Among other things, I’ve learned a lot about my proclivity to procrastinate during the last year of being a mother. Her weekly pictures (which we stopped at 1-year) and monthly letters/entries have taught me that clearly. As usual, the post was written but the photographs weren’t ready. I’ve been really busy lately over at That’s Loverly Photography and it’s kept me from tending to my personal photos as frequently. I’ll try to get the 14-month entry up in the next few days, too.}

Baby Girl… 13 months and you’re growing like a weed! I often have people stop me and comment on how cute you are. They’re shocked when I reveal that you’re only 13-months old. It’s true, you have the awareness and attitude of a much older child. You’re so wonderful in stores and in the car. Your daddy and I are truly blessed.

This last month has been fun. The weather has been weird (way warmer than usual) so we’ve had the chance to go out a lot more than I expected in the [not-so-]dead of winter. That may be hard to tell based on the pictures in this post… looks like they all were taken in our house!

You’ve discovered a love for your chair. You like to sit in it and rock (pretty aggressively, too!).


When you’re in your chair, you prefer to have your “baby” in your arms and hold her just the way I hold you in my own arms. I love seeing you snuggle with her the way we snuggle… it’s such an adorable little girl thing!


You love giving kisses to Daddy and me. Just about anytime we ask, you’ll give kisses on command and smooch your lips together. Sometimes you just kiss the air when we ask for a kiss, more inclined to “blow kisses” than to smooch us on the mouth.


Your hair is growing so long! You have this hilarious little tail in the back. It’s usually curled up and around the nape of your neck, but sometimes I can coax it to lay flat… though it looks kind of ridiculous. I’ve debated having Aunt Lauren give you your first haircut, but I think we’ll let it grow out long and just take this as a time of awkward hair for you. Plus, if you’re dressed in blue when we’re out, people tend to comment that you’re a pretty boy… maybe keeping your hair long (since you won’t let me put a bow in it anymore) will keep those comments to a minimum.


Right now everything is “Dada” or “Daddy.” Often I can tell the difference and discern when you’re saying “Doggy.” Otherwise, it’s a guessing game to deterine what you’re asking for or pointing out. The loudest I hear your voice is when you see other children. You get so excited yelling “Daddy” and pointing at them.

Walking? Nope. Not yet. Still crawling quickly and walking behind toys. You’ll be there soon enough.


Teeth… girl, you can grow teeth like nobody’s business! None of these pictures seem to be showing off your pearly whites very well, but you’re up to 14 teeth! Amazing, girl. None of your friends have even half this number at this age. It’s wild.


You’re still nursing around the clock. I’ll ask if you want “nummies” and you toss yourself into my arms, throwing your head into my right elbow to be in position. It’s adorable and such a fun thing that we get to share. Your acrobatics are in full swing these days. We play a lot while you nurse… I’ll talk to you about the different parts of my face and pretend to eat your toes. You’ve mastered giggling and nursing at the same time – quite a skill (and potentially dangerous on my part!).


You love getting in to our stuff. Here, you’ve found your Daddy’s Bible study and are reading along. You’re so smart.


You looove playing with your toys and tossing them all around the room. I end up picking up a mess like this a few times each day. Sometimes we work on cleaning up together, but I end up doing this mostly while you’re down for a nap so we haven’t done a lot of that.


Your sleep has been a tough spot this month. You’re sleeping some in your crib, some in our bed, but never through the night. Daddy and I are in agreement that breastfeeding long-term is worth the lack of rest. Though we realize that not all babies are still waking at this point, we don’t intend to aggressively force you to sleep and understand that your body will get the rest it needs. Plus, some kids just need less sleep than others! You’re still taking two naps a day (roughly 9am and 2pm) though I bet we go down to 1 soon.

Girl, you’re amazing. I love watching you grow and knowing how many fun things we have coming up as you get further into your second year. You’re the light of my days. I love you so much.



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