Eleanor’s Birthday Party

My birthday girl… She’s a beauty, isn’t she?


Eleanor turned 1 year old on Monday, January 11, 2012. Because it was a Monday (even though it was Martin Luther King Day), we held the party at our home Sunday afternoon. We had everyone over at 3 – my parents, brother, and niece… Bronce’s parents, siblings, their kids, his grandmother, and his Aunt Deborah and Uncle Richard. It was a low-key affair… just some casual food and cupcakes. No games or anything silly. The only other kids present were Eleanor’s cousins Nonavea and Kathryn.IMG_0046

Cousins, enjoying themselves (Eleanor with Kathryn). I have so many great pictures of them playing together around this same basket… backs turned, intent on the toys at hand.


Time for gifts! We opened them in the living room and set chairs all around for family to sit in.    


Eleanor was gifted many beautiful and kind things… books, toys, some beautiful dresses, summer clothes, giftcards for Mommy and Daddy to get her some fun things, and a beautiful garnet charm (which I’ll probably wear while she’s growing old enough for jewelry!). We are so blessed to have such generous family and she enjoyed hanging out with all of them!


I love this picture of Kathryn:


Enjoying my two girls:


Time for cupcakes! {In these pictures, notice on the wall behind the highchair that the weekly pictures I began when she was born are hanging on the wall. I printed each out and strung them from a colorful ribbon for everyone to enjoy. Most of the family had no idea I had done this and they really loved seeing them all!}

IMG_0261 IMG_0288 IMG_0304-2    IMG_0116-2

We stepped outside for a family photo – this is everyone in attendance.

{Left of Bronce: my parents Bob & Jane, my brother Jim and his daughter Kathryn. Behind Bronce: his sister Lauren and her husband Rob. Behind and to the right of me: Larrry & Linda, Bronce’s parents; Bronce’s brother Spencer with his wife Melissa and daughter Nonavea; Bronce’s aunt Deborah and uncle Richard; Mamaw (the original Nonavea!)} 


And… crazy!


{Because I wanted to actually be in the pictures, I had a friend come do the photography for me. Best decision I made about the day! Photography by Taryn Yager}



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