Eleanor is 1 year old!

{Yet again, this post is late. Imagine the posting date is January 16, 2011, and let’s go on from here, mkay?}

Sweet baby girl!

My little Bug is 1 year old. I can hardly believe this day has come! Last January your daddy and I were in a frantic rush of getting things ready for your arrival, and this January the days are flying by so fast we can hardly keep count. When I try to think of a memory from each month, there are so many that occur in the recesses of my mind as a blury vision, things I’m not even sure are totally true… We spent hours snuggled together in my moby wrap and under blankets… One of my favorite things of this year is the precious time we’ve spent together nursing, with you curled up against me, belly rising gently as you were nourished through this amazing gift of God for motherhood… Your daddy and I have treasured every step along the way – your sweet baby voice, precious smiles directed at us, watching your roll over, scoot, and crawl like a champ… The sweet smell of your head as a newborn (you still smell like my own slice of heaven to me!), the feeling of your tiny fingers wrapped around mine, the many nights spent with you curled up on my chest. Milestones and moments… they’ve all been a part of this year and they’re tucked away in my heart much the way Mary “stored up” her treasures. It’s been an amazing journey and I wouldn’t trade a second of it.


The last month of this year has been amazing… and busy! Celebrating the holidays with our growing girl has made this season even more fun! You loved Christmas and all the fun family events. It was certainly a month of being with people, and our social calendar was full! Extended family together was great fun.

The Rodgers Family on Christmas Day:


The Hanson Family on Christmas Day:


You’re doing lots of silly things now. You love playing with your feet! Around the house you often just have socks on your feet, and I can count on them being pulled off within a short amount of time. You’re not walking yet and get angry if we try to set you on your feet and assist you in walking across the room… and forget about putting shoes on your feet while you’re playing! You’ll keep them on for a bit, but just like the socks, they end up strewn about within a few minutes (sometimes they just fall off, especially your boots).

Pulling your sock off while I read you a book:


You’re still nursing like crazy and I’m loving it! I read a while back that for children who nurse and begin talking, it’s wise to come up with a “secret” word to describe nursing so there are less embarassing moments in public. So rather than asking if you want to nurse, I ask if you “want nummies?” You completely understand and will often throw yourself in my arms and lay down in my right elbow when you need comforting. If you want to nurse and I haven’t asked, I’ll hear you saying “mama, mama” or “nana, nana” (the latter is, I believe, your approximation of “nummies” at this point).


You’ve become a picky eater. You still eat really well, but unfortunately I can never tell if you’ll eat a lot for dinner or just pick at your food during lunch. Pasta and sauce is always a good bet. You’re mostly refusing your purees, which is great from the standpoint of purchasing those dumb jars, but means I have to think through our meals a little better to be sure we’re eating something you can eat, too!


You’ve become a nursing acrobat recently. You almost never lay peacefully but contort your body all around while nursing. One foot in the air, yanking on your sock until it comes off, craning your head around if you hear the dog or your daddy in the room, curling your feet under you so you’re almost hunched in crawling position… As long as you’re comforted and not hurting me, it’s all good. Sometimes you get carried away, but we have a little talk about it and you’re back to normal quickly.   


You sleep has been iffy lately. You’re still nursing many times during the night, but we were thrown with an extra curveball when you came down with the stomach bug a few days after Christmas. It started in the middle of the night while you were sleeping in your crib (we finished the night in the den in the recliner) and lasted about ten days. During that time, you mostly slept with daddy and me so we could tend to you if you had any nighttime issues. Before we were even sure you were better, you got a terrible cold that quickly turned into bronchitis. Breathing treatments… antibiotics… it was a tough week or two. Again, you slept in our bed for that time. In fact, you’re still sleeping with us and you’re certainly better from both illnesses. I’ve found it’s generally easier to nurse you through the night if you’re already laying on my arm, and I’ve enjoyed the laziness it affords! We’ll get you back into your crib… eventually!

Watching your PraiseBaby DVDs. Not “educational”… but not harmful like some cartoons. They’re praise music and videos of nature and babies and colors/numbers. You love them!


You’re such a good little entertainer. You love to pl  ay with your toys and books and do a great job with “self-guided-play.” Adults always comment on how well you entertain yourself and don’t require an adult to direct you or play along side. You get upset if you lose sight of me while you’re playing (even if I’m just around the corner in the kitchen), but as long as you’re sure I’m near, you can play for an hour before initiating contact or requesting help/comfort.


You loooooove to kiss. You’re such a sweetie about it and are so “fair.” If daddy and I are both in the room and we ask for a kiss, you’ll reach out your puckered lips to one of us and then quickly to the other as though we all get an equal amount of kisses. You also love to kiss the animals in your books. I’ll often catch you looking through your big picture books and hunching over to give the babies or kitties (your favorite) a kiss. You have a tender heart, I can tell you’re going to be a kind child. It’s amazing seeing those glimpses into your personality at this point.



For Christmas your daddy wanted to buy your first baby. We spent an hour at ToysRUs, frustrated by the choices of talking, walking, pooping, peeing, and crying babies. {Really… who needs a crying, pooping baby at home? I’ve already got one, thanks!} We settled on a simple little baby with eyes that open and close. Actually, we settled on two of them but you contemplated them both for a moment and pointed at one… which, of course, is the one we purchased! You love to hold your baby tight and if we ask where Baby is, you’ll look around until you spot her!


You love flirting when we’re out in public. If you see other kids around you’ll twist and turn and practically lean out of the shopping card to maintain your look at them. Your little mouth opens and your eyes dance with glee as you watch them walk around and do “big kid” stuff.


Sometimes you’re too curious for your own good.  You’ve gotten great at opening drawers but have gotten equally adept at shutting them. Sometimes the two things happen so quickly your little fingers get smashed in the process. Cabinet doors, toys, side tables… anything that will open and shut will also cause some temporary trauma. You recover quickly but the look on your face when the pain registers is awful – and the sound of your cry is heartbreaking. I know there’s some pain to the learning process for these little feats, but it’s terrible to see you hurting from a mistake.


Sweet Bug, you laugh so much and so hard! We constantly chase you around the house and you squeal loudly and crawl frantically. Sometimes you get confused and crawl right toward us for a second before you realize you should be heading in the opposite direction. We often chase you around the ottoman or across the bed (carefully). If I’m holding you and daddy says “I’m gonna get you!” you throw your body into my shoulder furthest from him, laugh loudly, and kick your feet because you just know he’s going to tickle you like crazy!


Your face is the best part of my day. I’m so thankful God has trusted your Daddy and me with you. I love you, Baby Girl.



  1. I’m so glad to hear you are still nursing. I nursed until 20 months and many people act like this is “unnatural” crazy people. I loved it!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. It’s the best, isn’t it? I am saddened when people don’t nurse long or even at all. It’s an awesome mommy blessing. 🙂


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