Eleanor is 11 months old!

{Pretend this was posted remotely on time. I let it sit in my writing program far too long and only just got around to adding the pictures! Oops!}

Amazingly, we’re nearing the 1-year mark. That’s blowing my mind, seriously. I remember last winter and being pregnant and waiting for her arrival… and it just can’t have been almost a year ago!    


You’re getting a lot more active and are doing lots of fun things at this age. You love playing on the floor with us in the den. You’ll give us this look and then take off around the ottoman, inviting us to chase you around. You do the same thing when your daddy is holding you – I’ll “hide” by crouching behind his back and you just giggle and giggle trying to peer around and figure out which side of him I’ll pop up. We play a lot on our big bed, too. You’ll give me the same look and then when I pretend to fall on the bed beside you, you’ll throw yourself over on your side and giggle madly like I’ve tossed you into the pillows.


Right before you turned 11 months you spontaneously gave up bottles. It was surprising to your Mimi and Grandee when they’re so used to you eating well, but you seem to prefer getting your milk from the source. No problem, the milk I have reserved won’t go to waste, we can use it to make you cereal and such.


You’re quite the helper. Except… not really. 🙂 You love to take the laudry I’ve carefully folded and pull it all off the couch or bed. And when I’m emptying the dishwasher you like to climb up on the door and pull things out of the bottom. Usually it’s just some tupperware or a plastic cup, but occasionally you’ll grab a butterknife before I can get you away from the dangerous silverware.

You’ve started waving! It’s so cute, but you open and close your little fist, then you turn it toward your face as though you want to examine the movement yourself. So precious.


You’re getting so much closer to walking! I feel like I’ve been saying that for months, but you’ve really been thisclose for such a long time. I swear, you’re going to just take off and run one of these days. We’ve borrowed a walking cart from some family members and you love toddling off behind it. You stick your little bottom out and walk so silly but you just love it! You’ll get going at a fast clip and the whole thing will veer off toward a kitchen chair or the fireplace and you’ll just smash into it and start laughing.


Standing! Almost walking…


You have the best belly laugh! You really get going when you’re tickled. Your toes, your thighs, your belly, your feet and hands… everything is so ticklish and you love it when we get close and threaten to smother you with tickling. You start this huge belly laugh that sounds so much like a little child it just slays me.


Recently you’ve taken to calling out the word “Daddy” for just about everything fun around the house. I find you babbling the word constantly. It’s certainly your favorite! The other day we were in mommy and daddy’s bedroom and you were yelling “Daddy! Daddy!” and pointing at one of the pictures of us in there. It’s sweet that you can pick him out and get so excited when you see him on the walls around the house. But when he comes home from work… that’s when you really get excited, starting your fast crawl toward the basement door, stopping to point at him and cry out “Daddy!” He eats it up, of course.


At this point, you say Mama a lot, but it mainly means you’re hungry. I’m trying to teach you some special words that mean “nursing” so you won’t be yelling anything offensive once you start getting a better grasp on your words.


One of the most fun things you started doing recently is kissing. It’s this huge, exaggerated, open-mouth thing where you cover the other person’s entire mouth with yours. You’ve been sick a lot lately which, coupled with your desire to kiss, probably explains why your daddy and I keep getting sick, too. Regardless, it’s adorable and our hearts melt everytime we say “kiss!” and you respond by leaning up with those pretty little girly lips. You’re delightfully affectionate and we love it!


Baby girl… this year is flying! I guess I better start planning your birthday party! Sheesh, it’ll be here before I know it!




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