She’s eating… what?

One of those proud Mama moments occurred the other day… it’s one of the ones I’ve been waiting on. I wasn’t even there (Bronce had Eleanor over at his parents’ house while I was busy with my small group), but I got all giddy when I heard about it nonetheless.

The family was sitting down for a meal of homemade chicken noodle soup… The adults each had a bowl full of soup… Eleanor’s 21-month-old cousin sat down to eat her meal of purees and apple sauce… and my sweet 11-month old girl ate a whole plate of chicken noodle soup (minus the broth). Family members who hadn’t seen her eat recently said {this is the moment… wait for it…} “She can eat that?”

Yessiree. My little girl is a table-food monster. At 11 months. And really, earlier… I just didn’t tell you about it yet.

I’ve read about these moments… when other parents will respond with shock that these tiny kids can put away a real meal of food… and it’s awesome. In fact, right now she’s eating a hearty breakfast of half a banana and a scrambled egg with a little cheese on top. No spoon, no fork, no mama-feeding… just a baby girl and her fingers, smashing food in her hair mouth. In fact, she’s not even wearing a bib at the moment (oops), just eating away and dropping a bit of food on the floor for the dog. It’s good stuff.

Yesterday’s lunch… spaghetti and sauce plus a few cheerios, totally self-fed and completely loved.  Notice the spaghetti is totally gone, but she’s left some of those cheerios behind. My girl knows what’s yummiest!


She does tend to smash multiple handfulls of food into her mouth and store them up like a chipmunk. She especially does this with chicken… she’ll just keep chewing and chewing and chewing… eventually she’ll open her mouth to show it to me and I’ll scoop most of it out so she can work on swallowing the rest. Silly girl.

Yes, she started with purees (though her actual first solid food was a smashed up avocado that she played in fed to herself. I hoped to go all-real food (following this Baby Led Weaning website and book) but she really did love the purees for a time so we did use them regularly in addition to offering real foods. She’s eating just about everything we do… lentil soup (minus the sausage), spaghetti and sauce (without the red meat we were enjoying), baked chicken and steamed vegis, and she’s even had some sardines on a cracker when I was partaking last week.

 Eleanor, enjoying her first avocado at 27 weeks:


I was going to sell my remaining purees to a friend last week, but we’ve had some issues with constipation now that she’s almost 100% off them and on real food, so I’ve decided to keep them around and use them as the base to add some chunks of vegis and protein rather than tossing them completely. I think she needs the added liquid in her diet.

Yes, we’re still nursing (around the clock… about every 3-4 hours during the day and 2-3 hours during the night). I always make sure she nurses first and then eats food (about 30-60 minutes later so she’ll actually want to eat something).

But won’t she choke? Yeah, that was my fear, too. But really other than a few instances where she packed her mouth too full, we haven’t had any issues. In fact, the food hasn’t been a problem, it’s been things like teething biscuits that have been more of an issue. I chop up her food pea-size for the most part to avoid this issue. And you’ll recall I took a CPR class early on with a friend, which has given me more confidence in this area. And, ironically, the only true choking scare we’ve had around here was when she ingested part of our Christmas tree the other night and got a pine needle stuck in the back of her throat. The websites I’ve listed below address the choking/gagging issue (because there is a difference and it’s important) in more depth.

Bottom line? It’s awesome. And so convenient because she can actually eat food with us rather than watch from the sidelines while I’m spooning mush into her face.

Resources I’ve used:



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