Eleanor is 10 months old!

10 months. That’s so close to a year it freaks me out. My little tiny baby girl can’t possibly be close to celebrating her first birthday, can she? Ah, but sweet girl… you’re close. My mind swims with birthday party ideas and invitations and themes… and the reminder that it’s not about all that stuff, but about you and celebrating your wonderful life.


Your daddy and I have so enjoyed watching you grow into this tiny 10-month old girl. You’re getting so much longer and bigger… weighing in at 16 lbs, 3 oz in early November. Yeah, that’s pretty teeny (somewhere below 10th percentile!) making you our little Bug still. But you’re so long… when we nurse your feet can kick the side-table and sometimes you’ll get so animated you tend to launch yourself over my elbow as though you’re making a run for the door.   


Speaking of running… nope. No walking yet. (or running) You’re set on cruising, it seems. You can squat and stand and rise up with your hands gripping a fun toy… but no steps. I hear stories of other parents whose children got stuck in this prolonged rut of cruising until one day… off they went. I think you’ll probably be that way. Your first step will set you off and down the hallway (probably after the dog’s tail or to chase the kitty) and that will be the start of everything (or the end of it, depending on how I measure my sanity!).


You’re becoming more focused on your hands and feet and what you can do with them… You clap your hands together all the time, though I’m not sure you know what you’re really doing with them yet. Your feet have a mind of their own and are all over the place. We’ve put shoes on them a few times and you’re fairly uncomfortable with them. To sit with them on your feet isn’t so bad, but as soon as we pull you to standing you look down at them, bend your knees as though you’re unsure of standing, and begin crying. They’re big for your feet, so it’s not a pinching thing… I think it’s that your toes are restricted. Yep, my little Bug likes to be unrestricted. Anytime we try to hold you against your will for a nap or a hug or for food, you lose your sweet mind and resist. Ah, defiant child. I’m sure that’s not the last time I’ll call you that.


Sleeping… wait, what sleeping? You’re driving us nuts! You seem to want to hang out with me all through the night… You act as though you want to nurse, but I secretly believe you’re just craving company in the night. However, it’s getting a bit extreme. Some nights you’ve had me up as much as every 45 minutes. Whew, that’s exhausting! Your daddy and I are so confused about what you need in order to settle down. And, of course, it doesn’t help that just as we figure out something you get a nasty cold and it sets you off your rocker for up to a week. In fact, since we’ve been going to Bible study on Wednesday mornings, you’ve been getting sick just about every other week. Meaning… we can’t go back the next week for fear that we’d re-infect the other kiddos (I only wish the moms with the other sick kids would take the same route… ugh). Either way, I love that you’re hearing about Jesus from someone other than your daddy and me.


Food… oh, that’s what you really want to talk about, huh? Yep, that’s your favorite thing. You’re still a champion nurser and don’t seem to be letting up (about 6x during the day, roughly every 2-3 hours, and 2-3 times during the night). I’ve read other moms whose kiddos are down to 4 sessions during the day and 2, 1, or even no night sessions… but we’re not headed that way anytime soon from what I can tell. Fine by me. Holding you and taking some quiet time out of our crazy day is one of the best things about being a mom, in my opinion. You nurse best in your room so we walk away from the noise and snuggle in your glider many times each day and night. It’s precious time to me. But table food… that’s another matter. You’re still eating baby food (and loving just about all of it! Spinach and Potatoes? Butternut Squash soup? Zucchini and Broccoli? Bring it on!) but you’re eying mommy and daddy’s food more and more each day. When we go out to eat I always order you a side of broccoli and give you some of my food if it’s baby-appropriate. And cheerios. Whew, you love those things. You’re a great eater and you’re very adventurous with your food.


This month we celebrated your cousin Kathryn’s 3rd birthday at the lake with my parents. We had a great time all together and the cousin-friends got to love on each other a lot. It was a fun weekend. You didn’t seem to notice the celebration was about her and not you, but rather enjoyed the attention and company of family.

Time is passing so quickly… 11 months will be here before you know it…



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