Perdido Key

For about a decade I’ve been vacationing in Perdido Key, FL. It started when my college girlfriends frequented a condo owned by one of their parents and has continued long since losing touch with that friend. Bronce and I have been to Perdido nearly every year for vacation.



This year since I’m working part-time and can work flexible days, we were able to get away for a whole week. Eleanor had been to the beach before (our trip in the spring to Charleston) but this was the first time she’s really get to spend time down near the water. We invited Bronce’s parents to join us for the first few days so we had some extra hands to corral the little stinker, and it was a big help. With us all at the beach, we took up a lot of room.


Eleanor hanging out with her Mimi.


Down at the water we popped up Eleanor’s canopy and borrowed a sheet from the condo to create this little play area. Because our rental included fabulous beach chairs and one of those giant umbrellas, we relocated the umbrella to cast a shadow over Eleanor’s whole play area.


Quickly I realized that she didn’t like the feel of sand on her hands or feet, which meant she happily stayed on the sheet and played without wandering around anywhere. Score!


Most mornings Bronce (and his Dad) would head down to the beach to fish. You can see Bronce out in the surf in the picture below. Storms the week before had created this strange channel along the beach separating the crashing waves from the beach where our chairs were.


Bronce caught a number of fish including whiting, a giant flounder (caught our last day… we weren’t sure what to do with it but I’m sure it would have been fabulous if cooked properly!), and this moray.


Here’s a sweet picture of our family taken on the 11th floor balcony of our condo.


Little Miss hanging out at the beach:


Me, snuggling with my Bug in the sun.


Bronce, dancing her toes in the surf. The water was pretty cold until you got used to it, so she wasn’t much of a fan.


Baby Girl and her Daddy


Out to eat. Shrimp Basket!!


The condo had a wall of mirrors. She was obsessed and kept “kissing the baby.” I’m sure the maid service was thrilled when we left and they had to clean all that glass… oops.


The last night we went on a long evening walk. As usual, Eleanor snuggled up with me in her carrier and we took some pictures as a family.




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