Family Weekend

The first weekend of October Eleanor and I traveled with my parents to Central, SC where Jim and Kathryn live. Bronce couldn’t make it (bummer), but we were determined to enjoy the weekend together and have a good time. We headed over Saturday morning, picked up my brother and niece, and went to a neighboring town’s fall festival. It was a great way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon.

I have quite a few sweet pictures like this from various trips, but there’s just nothing sweeter than Kathryn holding the hands of her Daddy and her Papa.


Mom and Kathryn, watching the festivities.


There was a big square dancing demonstration followed by some line-dancing. Obviously I had to show Kathryn my awesome moves. We’re stomping away…


Mom found this airplane for Kathryn at one of the booths. I remember these from when I was little… made of really light wood, you put the pieces together in pre-cut slots and the plane actually flies decently well when thrown straight. Kathryn never really mastered it, but she had fun swooping it around.

CentralSC-015 CentralSC-026

Mom and Dad… Grandee and Papa… with Kat


Fairy Wings


Painting Pumpkins


Papa with his littlest granddaughter. Eleanor did a great time out in the heat and had fun.


Love, love, love this shot of Kathryn. The “cat” face-paint isn’t the best, but man does she look cute!


After church Sunday morning we headed for a local Chinese restaurant for some lunch before the Knoxvillians hit the road and headed back home.

“Kathryn, are you cold?”


Me with my sweet girls. Kathryn says they’re sisters. I love that.


Mom with her granddaughters.


Jim and Kathryn. Man, they’re not afraid to be silly together. It’s the sweetest thing to see them trying to out-crazy each other. Jim looks weird, so in my opinion he wins.


The family together (minus Bronce). Sweet memories.



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