Eight Months

EleanorWk34_0052 EleanorWk34_0080

You’re such a little mover, working your way all over the place when we let you crawl around free. It’s been fun watching you grow!


I love the quiet time we have together when you’re nursing. Lately you’ve been more playful – your free arm is always doing something – pulling my hair, tugging the ribbons on your lovey, or throwing your blanket on the floor. When I nurse you on the right you always take your right hand and stretch to your foot, kicking it straight up toward your head. Somehow this doesn’t even interfere with what you’re doing, you little gymnast.


We play every day in your “pen.” It’s an area in the den floor where I take our large ottoman and block off a part of the sectional. The fourth “wall” is created by your stand-up music toy and your canvas toy box. You love to sit with me in the pen and play for hours. You look intently at a toy for a while and then toss it over, crawl to the box, pull up, and get something else out to play with. Adorably, sometimes you stand there and start tossing things out till you find the one you want.

ElranorWk32_0018 While sitting on the floor together you eventually will give up on your toys and meander over to me. You use every means possible to stand up on my legs – pulling on my shirt or my hair, often using both hands wound in my hair to wrench yourself off the ground. I’ve read that motor development begins at your head and develops down – this is evident in your masterful and strong hands but sometimes-confused placement of your feet. When trying to climb (on me or the couch or anything else), you’re pulling with your arms rather than pushing off with your legs.


And what are you climbing for? Well, sometimes for my face – you like to stand with our faces close and stick your sideways tongue out at me.

ElranorWk32_0001 ElranorWk32_0004

Other times you’re on the look for one thing… buttons. Cordless phones, remote controls, the computer mouse… whatever you can find that will be bumpy and good to chew on. Nevermind if you somehow activate the parent-control buttons on our cable box and I don’t know how to undo it… Hah, we’ve even given you your own remote (batteries removed and the battery cover is permanently attached so not a choking hazard) but you lost it quickly. Well, maybe we lost it. Either way it’s a mystery.


Teeth… oh teeth. Good grief. Your bottom two have been in for a while but you’re in the process of getting three top ones in at a time (two center and the left canine). I didn’t think the canines were supposed to come in for a while! But… they’re coming. Baby tylenol, teethers, and patience. Those are necessities now. Meanwhile you twist your tongue and chomp on it to the left side of your bottom teeth. It’s such a cute little squishy look.



You’re also loving kitchen utensils.


You’ve started reaching out to us a lot, in your crib, from the floor, getting out of your carseat… It’s sweet and I’m happy to pick you up anytime you come for me with your sweet smile!

And, because it’s Football Time in Tennesse…. Go Vols!



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