Safety Classes

Last night a friend and I attended an Infant/Child CPR class at a nearby hospital. Our little cuties are just 5 days apart, so Jennifer and I have had many conversations about our fear of choking as these little people are wandering around our houses and putting everything in their mouths. Here are our little ones, Luke and Eleanor, playing together… looking rather sneaky if I might add!

EleanorWk31_0020 I’m deeply afraid of a stray penny or big chunk of dogfood causing something traumatic. So, we decided to attend the class offered at Parkwest Hospital. We decided on that class because Jennifer delivered at another hospital in the same system… UT Medical Center, where I delivered, offered a class that included some other things we weren’t interested in (like baby massage… as if we could hold our kids still long enough for that!).

Anyway, after the main part of the course they showed a safety video which listed things to look for around the house. One stood out to me bigtime.

You see, when we lived in Nasvhille, Bronce was an intern at a law firm that dealt with a child abuse case where a kid was intentionally scalded with hot water. Yep, it still gives me the shivers (and the desire to beat someone, but that’s another story). So when they started talking in the video last night about hot tap water, my ears perked up. Catch this fact: 140-degree water will cause 3rd degree burns after only 3 seconds. Woah! And if you know anything about household hot water heaters, that’s not outside the realm of unlikely.

The video suggested running hot water into a bowl and using a thermometer to check your water temps. So, of course, while Eleanor was napping this morning, I did that.

Pic_0000 That was a high as the temp got, after a few minutes in the still-running water (you can see the stream flowing just behind the thermometer). I submerged my hand and it was H-O-T, but my hand came out red, not burnt. It’s still dangerous, but not of the skin-graft variety. We’ve adjusted our hot water heater down already (well, once we went too far down and the luke-warm showers were awful!) and I may make another small adjustment, but I’m glad to know it’s in the realm of “safe.”

I’m glad I took this little step to check and very glad we took the CPR and choking class last night. I’m still going to be a watchdog for anything dangerous, but it’s not overshadowed by the fear that I won’t know what to do if something happens.

Go ahead… sign up for your own CPR class! And check your water temps, too. 🙂



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