Seven Months

I’m amazed I’m already writing this letter! I’m also amazed I’m a week late. Okay… no, that doesn’t surprise me in the least. Timelines and deadlines are flying by me right now and it’s only with my carefully-written to-do lists that I even manage to get stuff done around the house. Like laundry. Yes, I have to write that down on my list. Otherwise I get out of the shower in the morning and realize I have no clean pants… which has happened more times than I’d like to count in the last few weeks.

Anyway, Eleanor is technically 7 months and one week old by now… But who’s counting? Oh wait, I am…EleanorWk27_0010

Baby girl… I think more fun things have happened in this last month than any previous. I remember my friend Robin telling me that the 6-12 month window is the hardest because of increased mobility, and WOW can I just say that’s soooo true. What we defined as “crawling” at the end of last month is nothing like your achievements at this point. You’re flying around the house and are always underfooot! You’ve gained a lot of confidence in your ability to get around, though you still have some wipeouts every now and then (which are super dramatic and teary).


We started you on cereal and baby food and real food a few weeks ago. We’re doing a modified following of the Baby Led Weaning practice, though I don’t always have organic vegetables on hand for you and we’re giving you baby food regularly too. So far you’ve loved avocado and sweet potatoes (steamed and also plain baked ones).



As soon as you got comfortable moving around you started seeking UP positions… You’ve always loved being on your feet and bouncing in our laps, but now you’re actively reaching for toys and things up high, pulling your little body till you’re standing all by yourself! We have some fun activity table toys for you to play with and you’re enjoying all the sounds. You’ve gotten great at lowering yourself back to the ground, too. Every now and then you still take a tumble, but generally you’re doing well at adapting to this new view of the world.


You love buttons. You become fixated on the remotes in the den, so we’ve confiscated and unused remote and removed the batteries so it can be your toy. You will sit still and play with that thing for twenty minutes – it’s incredible how many new ways you find to chew on the edges (or smash it around on the ground).


Though you’re not sleeping any better at night (still waking to nurse 3-6 times from 11pm-6am), you do take some killer naps sometimes. Often when you awake, you’ll play quietly in your crib and I’ll hear you moving around. When I go to peek in at you, you’re pulling up on your bumper and peeking through the slats at me. Sometimes you’ll be standing completely up, looking over the rails for toys you can’t quite reach.

 EleanorWk27_0026We see glimpes of your personality shining through all the time. From your response to daddy’s relentless tickling and the way you reach for us or play shy… the defiant way you try to roll off your changing table every time we address a dirty diaper… even the way you crawl around trying to pick up the air conditioning floor vents to see what’s in them (I fear the day you realize there’s nothing there but to toss a toy down the metal vent would be fun… yeesh). You get a sweet look on your face and stare at your hands as you wiggle your fingers and turn your hands over and back. It’s precious watching you discover these body parts and the way to manipulate them.

EleanorWk29_0001Your smile is the brightest part of my day, sweet girl. As more of those teeth come through (and they’re trying!), I know we’ll have some tough moments but seeing that grin and your precious arms reaching out to me confirms I have the best job in the world as your mommy.



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