Baby girl started cutting her first tooth last Sunday allofasudden. We were sitting at a late lunch celebrating Father’s Day with my inlaws. She was at my feet beside the kitchen table, trying to get out of chilling in her bouncer, when suddenly she started screaming bloody murder. I assumed she was hungry (it was about time for that) and took her to a bedroom upstairs where she proceeded to shriek for about three hours. In between the bouts of yelling we managed to get home, but only an occasional ice cube stuffed in a washcloth would provide any sort of relief (she wanted nothing to do with the frozen teethers). Monday morning?… tooth!

Ohmygosh, is that just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Eleanor Wk 22-6

Friday afternoon she started screaming again so we figure the second one is coming soon.  She’s such a sweet girl, I hope she doesn’t start biting when she nurses… eek.



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