Just a Sunday afternoon

One of our favorite things to do with Eleanor on a lazy weekend afternoon is to head downtown. We love to break out the stroller and wander through the Market Square area of town – a great “mall” area with lots of shops, restaurants, and ice cream places. On Saturdays we enjoy the farmer’s market and browsing the artisans’ wares, but Sundays are a quiet lazy day downtown and much more laid back.

Today, we started with an early dinner at Tomato Head, a lovely organic restaurant known for its pizza and salads. Here are Bronce and Eleanor hanging out while we waited for our food:


After lunch we got some ice cream and wandered around. Randomly some guys started dancing… no wait, make that tap-dancing… on the stage in the middle of Market Square. It was the strangest experience. About 6 guys in trendy jeans and t-shirts who looked ready for bar hopping got up on the stage and started doing tap dance routines while a photographer took photos of them. They were incredibly talented, but seemed so out of place. It felt very West Side Story, like they were going to start singing at any moment.

Anyway, here’s Eleanor trying to get my ice cream. She smashed her hand in it a few times and we made a real mess, but it was fun.


Bronce wanted to wander around Mast General Story for a while so I entertained myself by trying out various hats on Eleanor. She was not impressed but we thought it was funny.



When Bronce wandered downstairs to check out some outdoor stuff (no elevator, so we were stranded upstairs with the stroller), we decided to take some self-portraits.


And last, here’s Eleanor giggling while Bronce kissed on her.




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