Five Months

Sweet, Baby Girl Eleanor…

Five months… that’s more than 150 days and nights with you in my life. Before you were born, a good friend reminded me many times of the saying “The days are long but the years are short.” She was so right. Each day with you can be long (especially lately when you’re teething and I’m unable to completely console you!) but when I look back the weeks and months have passed in a flash.


This month you’ve done a lot  of changing. We’ve seen your sweet little face fill out some as you’ve put on some weight (yay!). You’re much more aware of the world around you and we’re loving every interaction.


You’re now a champion roller. You can roll from front to back and back to front (going either way… for a while you preferred to roll from back to belly by only rolling over your right arm). We have to be careful where we set you down for fear you’ll just get going and roll off the bed! In the mornings you like to hang out in our bedroom on the big king size bed while we get ready. You’re starting to pull your knees up under you and scoot some in all different directions, so placing you in the center of the bed is getting more imperative. (We always watch her, don’t worry!)


I love this picture – you were looking into your daddy’s eyes when I took it, giggling with him. Those moments are the best.

You love your hands and feet. You’re always grabbing your hands and pulling them to your chest. You also found your feet and love pulling them to your face and jamming your toes in your mouth. You sleep in socks (to keep your cold toes from waking you at night) but I like to pull the them right off when you get up in the morning so you can start playing. You also grab other things all the time.


If you’re in the mood and not to distracted, you’ll let me sit you up in “tripod” position. Sometimes you’ll stay like this for ten or so seconds, but every now and then you’ll sit this way for a few minutes before you go toppling over. Your favorite toy is “Lammy” – your little lamb buddy. You’ve really gravitated to this toy and I’ll admit I helped you with that – you have some other fluffy stuffed animals that aren’t quite this cute and I love that this guy is one of your favorites.


Sometimes you lay on your belly and put your arms down by your sides, kicking your little feet as though they’re going to take you somewhere. When you catch us watching you, you think it’s hilarious and you’ll smash your face down and wiggle all your arms and legs like a fish out of water. It’s so cute! I need to grab a picture of it next month before you stop doing it.

Speaking of being on your belly… two weeks ago you woke in the middle of the night, crying, and I expected to find you scooted up into the corner of the bed like usual. Nuh uh! My little Houdini got all the way out of her swaddle and flipped over on her belly. You seemed so distraught to be on your tummy in your crib, you were yelling your head off about it. We’re going to have to spend some time in the crib during the day (as soon as I get done teaching summer school – ugh) to get you used to it. We’re also going to have to lose the swaddle soon – you’re all the time getting out of it and I think often you wake in the night because you’re fighting to get your arms out and you’d be content if you weren’t stuck in that straight jacket! I’m not looking forward to those sleepless nights as we transition, but I do see the necessity of teaching you to sleep without being swaddled.

We put you in your first cloth diaper to go swimming at Mimi and Poppy’s pool. Unfortunately, the pool was closed when we got there, so you haven’t been in the water yet. You looked so cute in your big diaper though, and seemed okay with it! (We haven’t been using them much yet because your skinny legs let them gap too much and we’re afraid of leaks. Soon I’ll purchase another batch of diapers that are designed for a skinnier baby and we’ll be in business!)


Uncle Jim sent us Kathryn’s old jumper seat and you’ve looooved it. We decided to keep it a Grandee and Papa’s house, so we have a different one at home now, but here are some pictures of you in the first one. (Yes, we rigged some extra toys to hang from the top for added enjoyment) You love it.


My favorite part is seeing your little toes dancing beneath it. So cute!


You make the funniest squishy face when you wake up. One morning I pulled out the camera to capture it – love this!


You’re teething big time, too. I think you’ll be cutting your first tooth soon. We have some frozen teethers that you use sometimes for a few minutes, but the old piece-of-ice-in-a-washcloth trick works just fine, too.


Girlie, you’re the best thing to happen to your daddy and me. These months have flown by but we’ve made some of the best memories of our lives. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us this summer! Happy 5 months, girlie!




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