Four Months!

Baby girl…. four months. Wow. It seems like I was just reflecting on your third month and now another one has passed. EleanorWk14-03A lot has actually happened in the last four weeks… After a wonderful family vacation at the beach, I returned to work. Girlie, that’s been hard! You’ve handled it well, but I’ve hated being away from you during the day. As a result, your Daddy and I have decided I won’t be returning to work fulltime in the fall (more on that in another post). I miss having my days at home with you and can’t wait to be back at home spending my moments loving on you and doing some fun stuff around the house and in town with you. But anyway… back to this month… 🙂


Right now I’m typing this letter to you as you snuggle on my chest under a blanket. Sweet girl, you’ve caught your first cold and you’re a stuffy, whiney little whimpering ball of cuteness. I’m dutifully sucking the snot out of your nose but just as quickly it’s becoming filled again with more and your little voice has taken on a broken quality when you cry. I know you hurt and I know you’re sleepy (your 3 hour schedule consists of almost 2.5 hours of sleep today, though I’m taking advantage of the snuggles!).EleanorWk14-53

You love to fly! 🙂

You’ve started doing some really fun stuff! When I returned to work you started having some crazy sleep issues. One night you’d wake once to nurse, then the next you’d be up four times to nurse and snuggle. I did some research and realized that the 15-week mark is a big one and that you were going to start doing some really cool stuff soon. And you have! On May 3rd you started rolling over… back to front. And really, you haven’t stopped since! You love throwing your legs in the air, tucking your right arm, and rolling over onto your belly. We put your favorite toys (Sophie the Giraffe on rings and a black/white book) in front of you and you love to play there for up to thirty minutes before your arms get tired of holding your curious head up!

EleanorWk16-006You’ve been laughing for a few weeks now. You really laugh the hardest when Daddy plays with you. It’s the cutest, most genuinely sweet thing – this throaty gurgle of goodness and it’s such a blessing to hear it. Sometimes I can get a good giggle out of you and it’s a treasure.EleanorWk16-152As far as sleeping and eating, we’re still nursing even though I’m back at work (where I pump every free minute I have!). You’re making up for the lost time during the day by getting up more frequently during the nights. During the day, though, you’ve settled into a very consistent schedule. While you’re being watched during the day (by my Mom Grandee, Bronce’s mom Mimi, and the sweet Carlevato family from church) they feed you every three hours. When I get home in the evenings you nurse on demand and sleep whenever you want. Sometimes you rest a lot, other times you stay up from the moment I get home till we put you down around 9. We are trying to put you to bed more consistently between 8 and 9 to get your little body in a rhythm. EleanorWk17-031Speaking of bed… you’re out of the bouncer and sleeping in the crib for real! With the exception of last night (when we put you in the bouncer by our bed to keep your congested head and chest upright and nearby) you’re sleeping like a champ in your crib. Grandee brought a foam wedge to put under the mattress cover to give you a bit of an incline but you’re doing so well! You’re a great sleeper even with the nightly feedings (which I love since I miss you during the day!).

EleanorWk14-40You love bath time! We have this great tub that keeps you inclined and lets you splash your arms and legs around. You’re not sure what to think about the deeper water now… sometimes you lift your legs as though you’re not convinced they’re supposed to be submerged. Every now and then you’ll get a good swat at the water and get your Daddy and me wet. You wisely seem to know this is funny and smile.EleanorWk17-004 This week your Uncle Jim and cousin Kathryn visited. Here are some sweet moments with Kathryn:EleanorWk17-016 EleanorWk17-012You’re so good at grabbing your toys now. I try to remember to grab a few fun things when we’re leaving the house – today we took Sophie the Giraffe with us to the doctor’s office and you loved having her to grab and swing around and smash into your face. You’re constantly looking for something to put in your mouth – it seems that phase in your life has begun. The other night we were out at a chinese restaurant with Poppy and Mimi and you tried to eat a fortune cookie wrapper (you liked the crinkle sound it made). Nothing’s safe within about six inches of your little hands!

Sweet girl, I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us. Two weeks of fulltime work and three weeks of morning Summer School and then I’ll be home with you for a solid two months to love on you every moment. I’m so looking forward to those days of books and playtime and fun outings. You’re a growing, amazing little girl who melts my heart every day.

I love you baby.



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