Three Month Letter

Eleanor – IMG_6599_0081Sweet baby girl! I can’t believe you’re three months old. It seems like your dad and I were just
welcoming you into this world, but suddenly you’ve been in our lives for (what seems like) a long time.
You’ve grown and changed so many ways and we’re loving every moment of it. IMG_6611_0090   You love when I raise you up in the air like you’re flying (I have to be careful of that sneaky ceiling fan though!)

You’re starting to spot us and get happy when we’re near. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your
smile when you catch sight of me from across the room. EleanorWk11_0152You seem to be finding your hands more and trying to get them toward your mouth. I don’t know if you
even realize you’re doing it, but your movements seem more intentional lately. I remember when you
were first born and you’d often put a finger in your mouth then yank it out – causing yourself pain and
displeasure. These movements appear to be more calculated and I think they are calming gestures, too. IMG_6470_0129You’ve laughed a few times – a little throaty giggle that melts my heart. I can’t wait till you’re actually
laughing out loud and on purpose.

You’re getting so big! When we transitioned you out of newborn sizes we used to have to roll up the
sleeves on many of your outfits so you could find your hands. Now the sleeves fit you completely and
some of the pants are getting to short for your long legs! Things that seemed “so big” when I bought
them are too tight… amazing. EleanorWk11_0246The best way to get you to giggle (or to calm you down when you’re upset) is to put you in front of a
mirror. You think that’s the best thing ever! I’ve read that you’ll be two or three years old before you
realize that’s your own reflection, but I do wonder what you’re thinking of that adorable baby and fun
mommy in the image.

When I’m holding you and you get excited you do this hilarious thing where you kick me with your feet
and throw your head and shoulders back. Speaking of your feet… you always want to be standing! You
love being up on your feet in our laps. Often when you’re nursing and I pause to burp you you’ll press
down on your feet and launch yourself up to stand. I wonder if you’ll start walking early?

It’s also hard for me to believe that I’ll be going back to work next week and leaving you with family/
friends for 5 weeks! We’re at the beach now and I plan to enjoy every minute of you while we still have
whole days together.

I love you so much and can’t wait to see what this next month brings!






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