Eleanor Marie Rodgers

Our sweet bundle of joy is here! She let her presence be known around 11am on Saturday and fought her little way (I swear, at times it felt she was trying to swim her way) into the world Sunday, January 16th at 8:28am. The story of her birth will have a blog post all its own – I’m waiting for pictures and the details from our doula – though I remember a lot of it, Coleen took detailed notes of the evening/morning and I’m interested to see all the things I forgot. For example, last night we were sharing the story with someone and Bronce interjected that I’d required oxygen at one point… I’d completely forgotten that part! When we get the whole story I’ll post the appropriate parts.

Just know… Eleanor entered the world through a long natural labor, was cheered on by a waiting room full of family and a delivery room full of nurses (many of whom stayed long after their shift ended to be our personal cheering squad!), and was placed in the arms of her very tired Mommy Sunday morning! Bronce and I have never been more in love with each other or more obsessed with any one thing in all our lives.

I’m pretty cute… I dare you to get close and not want to snuggle with me!


My daddy likes to steal kisses… but his beard is prickly!


On our way home from the hospital… these toys are kinda strange and make funny noises…


Daddy’s getting me out of the car! Heading into my new house for the first time!


Hanging out on the quilt my Grandee (Erin’s Mom) made for me!:


Chilling out after my first bath:


Snuggled up on Mommy’s Lap:

 BIRTH_0109 BIRTH_0122



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