39 weeks! Wow…

Today I’m 39 weeks pregnant. That’s incredible to me… how have we made it this far on the journey? It totally blows my mind.

This morning I received news that a dear friend delivered her baby today (congrats Adam, Jennifer, and baby Luke!). She was due the 17th (the day before me) but due to some health issues they delivered via scheduled c-section early. I’m so excited for them… and soooo jealous in many ways! I’m sitting here imagining them holding little Luke and I just wish I could have my own child in my arms and hear the newborn cry. I’m so excited about what the next few weeks hold – I know I should be waiting patiently and taking advantage of every day I have left but I’m just ready to get to squeeze the little toes that keep kicking my ribs.

Part of the reason I’m so anxious is that I’m suffering from cabin feever. Knoxville got hit by a HUGE snowstorm Sunday night and it’s cancelled school for 2 days. The roads really are bad out there – yesterday we were completely snowed in. Today I could probably get out, but Bronce understandably doesn’t want me trying. We may go out this evening together but until then I feel like the walls are closing in on me. I’ve done laundry for the baby… laundry for me… made a mess of the kitchen cooking myself a big breakfast (guess I could clean that up)… and I’ve taken care of the household bills for next week. I’m not sure what else I can get a jump on for the baby so I’m now browsing the web and watching some shows I taped to the DVR over the last week. Lay-Zee Day. ForTheBlog Bronce and I took some pictures last week. These will be the LAST preggo pics you see of me. Last week a coworker commented “Oh, I see you’re finally getting that round-faced pregnancy look!” I’m not sure how this was supposed to be helpful or a compliment, but it definitely means you won’t be seeing my face on this blog until I no longer can be described that way. What is it with coworkers making weird comments about my pregnancy weight? Some are incredibly thoughtful. Others… just… wow.

My appointment at the OB was cancelled yesterday due to the weather and rescheduled for Thursday. I’m excited to find out what the status is of this baby… is he on the move or holding fast in place? The movements aren’t as sharp and sudden as they used to be. It’s almost like she stretches out her feet and hands and just puuuuuushes on my belly for a few minutes. Lots of little feet poking out the right side of my belly – and if I push back with my fingertips they’ll retract or slide more to the side. I love it! I can’t wait to get to play with those sweet little feet any day now!


I can’t remember if we’ve shared the baby names on here or not… We went back and forth so much this year… Boy names we loved include Ethan, Jeremiah, Jude, Bronce Jr., Beckett, and countless others. At first the only name I was sure of was the girl name Evelyn. As I got more pregnant I just wasn’t feeling it and we went all over the place with Olivia and Elliott. Finally though, we’ve decided on…

Graham Edwin –or- Eleanor Marie

Both the first names have that classic familiar quality – though neither is overused today (and hopefully won’t be in the next few years) so we think we’ll be able to avoid having the poor kid go by Graham R. or Eleanor R. as they get lost in the mix of the other school kids. The middle names are a nod to family – Bronce’s family has a tradition of giving children middle initials of “E” (primarily with the boys) so we would use Edwin, which is my father-in-law’s middle name. Marie is the first name of my only living grandparent – it’s also the middle name Jim and Jewel used for their daughter Kathryn, but we really love it and I don’t think that’s too weird.

Not sure if next week’s blog will be titled “40-weeks” or “Baby!”… excited to find out!



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