37 weeks

Hah! For the last ten minutes the baby has been doing this:

hiccup… hiccup… hiccup… kick!kick!kick! hiccup… hiccup… hiccup… kick!kick!kick! turn!move!twist around…

It’s only funny because I know how frustrated I get at the hiccups and I can imagine this kid is like “What the HECK is going on?!” It’s usually an early morning or late night thing (during the night a few days ago the rhythm of the baby’s hiccups actually woke Bronce while I slept soundly! That’s one crazy kid!) and this is the first time I’ve felt hiccups during the day. So cute!

We had a doctor’s appointment this morning and he confirmed that the hiccups are a good sign – strengthening the baby’s diaphragm for good respiration when we finally get to hear those lungs test out the world! *Note to self – don’t google “hiccups in utero” – people like to write freaky stuff that makes expectant moms wig out.

I can hardly believe we’re this close to the “end”… of course, we don’t really how how close we are… but either way we’re nearing the finish line of this journey. Or, at least, nearing the starting line of another, much more long-term one!

I haven’t had any contractions yet (that I know of!) and as of my appointment last Tuesday I’m still not dilated at all. He’ll check again next week to see if there’s been any progress. Bronce and I go back and forth on whether or not we’re super anxious for the baby to get here or happy that she’s just nesting in there and keeping me up at night with kicks, not cries.

I’m hoping that I’ll have some contractions and get all “oh, this feels weird” and then meander over to the hospital after a while to find out I’m dilated 7 centimeters. Twenty minutes of pushing, and it’s BABY! That’s reasonable, right? I mean, I hear that actually happens to people… why can’t I be one of those people?

Anyway, it’s been a fun journey and I feel like we’re in a weird state of anxiety… Will it be….today?! Will it be…tomorrow?! Will it be…three more weeks?!

My sweet sister-in-law brought three huge crates of baby stuff this week – one for boys 0-3 months, one for girls 0-3 months, and one of various baby goods (small toys, rings, those pads for under a sleeping/changing baby to collect spills so we don’t have to change the sheets every time, hats and shoes, etc.). I looked through two of them last night and pulled out all the stuff we’ll use so I’m doing laundry right now to have a big stack of boy stuff and a big stack of girl stuff that can be put away in the closet when we know which set we’ll need! We’re so grateful for all the baby stuff our friends and family have loaned us. It’s such a relief to know we have months and months of clothes ready for our little one!

We’ve got the bags packed… I installed the car seat today (sheesh – thought I’d put myself into labor just trying to get the dang base installed – that’s not easy work!)… We’ve attended the classes, hired the doula, written the birth plan, and read the books…

So. Here we are. 3 weeks out (or maybe just two days… or maybe more than 4 weeks… who knows!) and waiting anxiously! I’ll keep you posted…



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