Baby Shower – November 10

Bronce and I were shocked when we found out the employees at his office were throwing us a baby shower. I was thrilled they planned it around my schedule on a day when I could take an extended lunch to jet across town and be there for all of it. They had lunch, drinks, and a yummy cake set up in the conference room and it was fun to spend time with the folks who were able to pop in and out of the room during their own lunch break.


One of the teams at the office pooled together to get us a big basket of goodies – it was full of tons of baby needs – hangers, bibs, blankets, lotions, medicines, and all sorts of odds and ends that will come in handy.


  This was the only baby shower Bronce attended and it was great to see him getting excited about the gifts for our little one.


Many of the employees dropped by for a few minutes to get some food and hang out with us.




The girls laughed when I made them STOP cutting the cake so I could get a picture of it first! It was beautiful (and yummy). Check out the giant flower in the foreground with a plastic baby on it – like a cabbage patch kid!


And a picture of Bronce and me… and the little baby. 🙂




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