33 Weeks

33 Weeks?! How is that possible? This kid is going to be here any time now (well, in a few weeks that will be more true I suppose). We’re getting so excited and our “nesting” phase is in full gear. Last weekend we painted the trim and closet in the nursery and this weekend while we enjoyed the Thanksgiving holidays we got a lot more done. I’ll be posting pictures soon of the newly painted walls… dresser… glider (due to be delivered this weekend)… crib… drapes… custom closet… and all the other details we’re loving about that special space.

I’m feeling fairly well, though I’m starting to get more uncomfortable. Over the last few weeks I’ve really started feeling “big.” My weight still isn’t anywhere crazy (around 15 pounds total) but I feel very lopsided and unbalanced. I don’t want to make those “wow, I never thought I’d get this big” statements because I’m well aware I’ll keep growing for a few more weeks. I’ve had some back pain as I’m adjusting to so much belly weight and I’m hoping it will sort itself out soon without the need for lots of pain meds. My students at school comment on my growing size nearly every day – that helps (uh, no).

Here’s a picture of Bronce and I from Thanksgiving this weekend:

Thanksgiving2010_0178 copy

We had a great Thanksgiving with the family. The Rodgers invited my parents over for dinner so we were all together for the afternoon/evening. Lauren’s husband, Rob, brought over his Airsoft gun and we all shot it off the back porch like a bunch of awesome rednecks.


The Baby

The baby is kicking all over the place. He’s curled head-down facing my right side… that puts knees at the top right of my belly and feet at the top left… and man can I feel them! I’ve been fairly self-conscious about all the movement and find myself covering my belly so my students and friends don’t get weirded out by the constant poking and shifting of my belly! I do understand more and more why pregnant women hold their arms over and around their stomachs – it’s a protective thing but also to feel and block the movement that seems nonstop sometimes!

Bronce loves to sit with me and put his hand on my belly. Sometimes when he walks in the room she starts kicking and I like to think it’s in response to his voice. 🙂

We have some names picked out… But I’ll hang on before I share them publically. We LOVE the boy name and are pretty confident about the girl name.

Right now the little peanut is somewhere in the 4-5 lb range. It’s surreal knowing there’s a baby that big swimming around in my belly!

The Birth

We’re still planning for natural birth. Last weekend we attended the birthing classes at UT (which happened to be led by our doula) and learned a lot about the facilities and what to expect there. I’m doing a lot of reading about relaxation techniques, breathing, and alternative pain management options. It’s an interesting research project and brings home how soon this is all going to happen! I’ll post more about our birth plan when we finalize it.



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