I’m writing this blog entry sitting on a comfy couch in our 14th-floor penthouse condo, overlooking the beautiful Florida beaches of Perdido Key. This is one of our favorite destinations, and it started in college when I used to venture to this quiet part of the Florida Panhandle with my girlfriends. Bronce and I made the drive here for our 5th wedding anniversary a few years ago and we knew it would be the perfect place for our Babymoon trip.

What’s a Babymoon, you ask? Yeah, we think it sounds kinda ridiculous, too. It’s supposed to be a cutesy play on the term “Honeymoon” – but a honeymoon takes place after the wedding and a Babymoon is the last trip a couple takes before baby arrives… so really the moniker doesn’t work. But either way, when we knew we’d have a few days off for my Fall Break this week we were certain that we needed to vacation to a place with sun, quiet nights, and few things to do. And, other than a quick trip out yesterday to a local t-shirt shop, we’ve stayed in the condo and only left for groceries.


Look closely and you can see the baby bump peeking out from my maternity bathing suit!

We left Wednesday after school (much to the chagrin of our ob-gyn who was concerned about the combination of my 6+ month pregnancy and the long drive!) and stopped every two hours for me to walk around and stretch. We arrived in Perdido at 1:30am Central time and after some issues with the lockbox for the condo (oh, that was a nightmare… I’m not even going there) we spent a restless night anxious for the morning and the beach.


This is how we spent the majority of our days – relaxing in the sun or under the umbrella, reading our books and soaking up some rays with the Beach Colony tower behind us.

Thursday…Friday…Saturday… all three days have looked about the same. Wake up late… relax on the couch with some breakfast and morning tv (we don’t have cable at home so this is always a fun perk for us!)… Bathingsuits and hours on the beach… Reading books, snacking on unhealthy beach snacks, a few beers for Bronce… And at night we’re back in the condo to cook a simple meal and relax on the couches until we fall asleep. Sometimes that “fall asleep” thing happens earlier than we anticipated. I promised Bronce I wouldn’t mention exactly how early he fell asleep the first day of our trip… I’ll just say it might be the earliest he’s ever gone to sleep in our marriage! Hah!

Throughout the trip we’ve taken some pictures on the balcony. In my last blog entry I promised an updated belly picture so here you go!

Babymoon_0010_edited Babymoon_0011_edited

And one of our family of three:

Babymoon_0018_edited copy

*In case you’re wondering, I’m 27 weeks pregnant, a little over 6 months!


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