It’s Football Time in Tennessee!

I know, it’s the second game of the season, not the first… But we had company in town last weekend over Labor Day so for us, this is the first official home game.

UT’s first match ever with Oregon… unfortunately it had to be the year Oregon was ranked 7 and we hardly had a chance against them. It was bad. 48-to-13 bad. But we had fun.

About 10 minutes into the game the players left the field and the announcer informed the crowd that “inclement weather including lightening” was within 6 miles of the stadium. We tried to wait it out as the clouds formed overhead, but ultimately ended up escaping to the exit ramps for some shelter during the worst of the storm.

I snapped this picture of the stadium moments before we went into hiding from the rain.


This was Baby Rodgers first time at a UT football game. Normally in the early evening I feel lots of kicks and jabs, but tonight there was nothing. I remarked to my mother-in-law “I think she’s scared by all the noise!” The fans were incredibly loud and excited about the game and there was a great energy in the stadium, but it didn’t seem like the little kid wanted to participate just yet.

Here’s the four of us enjoying the game before the rain began falling.


Next week… UT vs Florida! Bring it, Gators!



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