Overheard This Week… (April 26-30)

I’ve had a lot of people mention that they love my status updates on Facebook. I’ve downloaded a Firefox add-on that allows me to update my twitter status from work (which echoes over to my FB status). Therefore I’m able to immediately jot down the absolutely crazy things my students say at work. I hate that I might lose these hilarious quotes, so I’ll begin updating my blog with the fun comments. Enjoy!

“Mrs. Rodgers, how did everything look back in the day? When you were little was it gray outside like in the pictures?”
“How old were you when color tv was invented? Was that real cool?”

(seriously, I’m going to start getting a complex about this! They know my age… how old do they think that really is?!)

“I can barely remember when Bush flew those planes into the World Trade Center.”
From a student who is a very talented sketch-artist: “I’ve decided not to be an architect because my heavy metal band is gonna make it big.”

Spoken loudly by a female student: “Mrs Rodgers, can I step out in the hall? I have a wedgie.”

(This was shortened to meet the 140-character limit for Twitter. Here’s the whole conversation.) Two male students were talking about Florida. Student says “I always wanted to visit that country.” I blurted in: “Country? What are you talking about? Florida is part of the US.” Student: “What are those smaller things in the US? Like little countries?” ME: “You mean, STATES?” Student: “Yeah, those things. I always forget what they’re called.”


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