Loverly… what an unusual word. My grandmother, the darling Marie Landino, has said that for years and somewhere along the line I picked it up into my own vocabulary. I don’t say it much, it’s one of those things that you think to yourself and it causes a smile and doesn’t need to be said out loud.

I got to spend some time with my Grams last weekend. Mom and I headed to Florida to see her for a long weekend and it ended up far more complicated than we anticipated. Our plans included doing a little fabric shopping (Bronce and I want to redecorate our guest bedroom), the Jensen Beach boat show, and laying out at the beach. Rather, we ended up spending a whole day in the ER after Grams fell and broke her elbow.

Now, before you picture a crippled elderly woman, let me paint you a far different picture. Grams plays golf. A lot of golf! She walks 9-18 holes a few times a week, refusing to use a cart even though her other golf buddies have long since slowed down and resorted to using more modern transportation. So she wasn’t exactly hobbling around on a walker before she fell – she’s quite spry. So when she stumbled over the edge of the carpet and shattered her arm, Mom and I were both quite surprised.

So, massive broken elbow with now surgically implanted steel plates and she’s receiving round-the-clock care. I hope to go visit her again soon but for now it’s communication with family members and the ocasional call. Sad, but I pray that everything will heal well. This is part of a bigger plan, I just know it. God’s not done with her yet. He never is!



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